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13 апреля 2020 / Фото: Instagram: @celinedion
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Принц Уильям с Кейт и Виктория Бекхэм – конечно, не единственные звезды, поздравившие подписчиков с Пасхой в своих instagram-профилях. По случаю праздника звезды опубликовали фото своих торжественных обедов и расписанных крашенок, переодевались в кроликов и делились тематическими архивными кадрами.


Happy Easter

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Today’s (Easter) Look the bunny was very nice to me this year love to all you guys

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As many of us celebrate Easter and Passover during this time of physical distancing, I know that we may be missing the togetherness and traditions we’ve shared in years past. This year, I’ve been feeling a newfound sense of gratitude for all the little moments I used to take for granted. And I know so many of you are also trying your best to make new memories, like attending church online or sharing Sunday dinner over video chat with your relatives. What are your favorite Easter or Passover traditions and how do you plan on keeping them alive this year? I would love to hear all about them in the comments.

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Happy Easter!!

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And rock and roll

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Happy Easter! Stay safe. Stay in bed.

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Hoppy Easter bunnnnniesss

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He`s Alive!

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