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На которые стоит подписаться в 2018

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3 января 2018 / Фото: Instagram
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Нужна мотивация для занятий спортом в новом году? У нас для вас есть целых десять!

В прошлом – легкоатлет, сегодня австралийка Аманда – высококвалифицированный инструктор, преподающая йогу не без помощи своих смешных такс.

Кайла позиционирует себя как тренер, гоняющий до седьмого пота. Слабо проверить это на себе?


I’ve always wanted to be liked and loved by the people in my life, and I am, but I’ve also struggled with feelings of unworthiness or not being good enough. . Building an online persona has been a trippy experience. It gave me the chance to portray myself as a person that I thought everyone would like and love, even more than they liked and loved the real me. . As a person who has had many moments of wanting to be someone else, this ability to control how people saw me became intoxicating for a time. . Where I was weak, Gypset Goddess was strong. Where I was afraid, Gypset Goddess was fearless. Where I felt not good enough, Gypset Goddess always was. . It’s true, people do like and love Gypset Goddess, but the funny thing is that they never have ended up liking or loving her more than they do me. . When I would meet people who followed Gypset Goddess before they met me, their response 9 out of 10 times used to be this: you’re a lot cooler than I thought you would be. . For awhile this surprised me. How could they possibly like me better than Gypset Goddess (aka the better version of me)? . This kept happening until it dawned on me: Gypset Goddess was near perfect, and perfection is both unrelatable and boring. I thought that I needed to seem more “perfect” to be more likeable and loveable, but in fact, seeming more perfect made me less of both. . I decided to drop the facade and bring more of myself into my persona until they became one and the same. Instead of hiding my weaknesses and fears, I shared them. . A little bit of sharing turned into a lot, until I stopped hearing that I’m cooler than expected, and started hearing instead that I’m just as people imagined. . I created Gypset Goddess, because I thought that the real me wasn’t good enough or worth sharing, but the biggest lesson that I’ve learned is this: no persona that I could create is ever as cool, or as likeable, or as lovable, as I am already, just as I am. . The next time you’re thinking that you’re not enough, or wishing you could be someone else, remember this: you are already a likeable person, who is worthy of love, just as you are. Don’t change. . PS my coat is faux fur

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Кейтлин практикует йогу, путешествуя по миру. Наблюдать за ее телодвижениями на фоне закатов-рассветов – сплошное эстетическое удовольствие.


A better use for those bottles you're about to pop tonight #JustSayin #JustMove

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Уверены, что заниматься дома скучно? Тренер Кайза попытается вас в этом переубедить с помощью подручных средств.


#ad I've been lusting over #JoyLab for months- imho, it's the best plus size friendly athletic wear brand that @Target has ever sold. The leggings and sports bras provide top notch support with designs that are genuinely sleek and sexy. Cost is one of the biggest barriers to finding good quality plus size athletic wear and some of the best brands are completely out of the question for those of us who have to pay bills every month. It's nice to know that when I want cute and functional yoga clothes, I don't have to break the bank. So often, plus size athletic wear is all about function and never about confidence- as I step into the new year, I’m glad to have clothes that offer the best of both worlds. Click the link above to shop! Outfit by #JoyLab available only @Target Photo by @zoelitakerphotography

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Пышка Джессамин – наглядный пример того, что лишний вес – он лишний только тогда, когда мешает полноценно двигаться и радоваться жизни.

Эмили Скай – из тех фитнес-гиков, кто не бросает свои занятия спортом, даже будучи глубоко беременными. Ключевое в данном случае – не бросает.

Во-первых – это красиво. Во-вторых – смотрите пункт номер один.


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Сестры из Австралии – Фелиция и Диана – покажут вам не только пару упражнений для идеального пресса, но и подскажут вкусные малокалорийные рецепты, а также дадут несколько уроков по стилю.


Thursday flow, that was fun Ready yo go back home and get back to work! Haz de tu movimiento un patio de recreo. Feliz jueves mi tribu! My New Years resolution is to simply become a better version of myself. I know you guys think I’m a beast with my movement, but I see so much room for improvement. I know I educate, but I want to do more for you guys! I’m ready to get regimented and smash some major goals. Bring on the beast mode. Let’s go team @mawarriors @calvinharris ”How deep is your love”. ——————————————————————————— Mi resolución de año nuevo es simplemente convertirme en una mejor versión mía. Yo se que ustedes creen que soy una bestia, pero veo tanto margen donde puedo mejorar. Yo se que educo, pero quiero hacer más por ustedes. Lista para destruir unas cuantas metas que tengo para el nuevo año. Así que DALE! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM #ma30day #butdidyoudie #childofGod #workoutmotivation #tbt #hijadecristo

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Тем парням, которые до сих пор считают женщин «слабым полом» – просто покажите этот профиль. Без лишних слов.

Трейси Андерсон – звезда не меньше, чем ее подопечные: Мадонна, Гвинет Пэлтроу, Джессика Альба и Алессандра Амбросио.